OpenOLAT Community Server

The OpenOLAT community organizes itself using the community server:

  • Work in special interest groups regarding development or usage of OpenOLAT
  • Sharing of documents and papers in public library
  • Showcase of the newest OpenOLAT features
  • Find installation and administration help and share your expertise in the administration wiki

If you are an OpenOLAT administrator or user, having an account on the community server is a must! Register today!

OpenOLAT Mailing List

On the OpenOLAT mailing list you can get in touch with other OpenOLAT users, administrators and developers. On the mailing list you can ask technical or user related questions you have and answer questions that other users are asking and you know the answer. Share your thoughts on e-learning and OpenOLAT topics or let us know about your fabulous OpenOLAT installation with a link to your system so we  can add you to the list of known installations.

New versions of OpenOLAT and important events or development initiatives are always announced on the mailing list. 

Please keep in mind that this is not a paid support ticketing system and answers are given on a volunteer base!!forum/openolat

OpenOLAT Twitter Feed

You can follow the development and activities around OpenOLAT live on Twitter. Add yourself as an @openolat follower and don't forget to retweet important tweets to your followers. 

We also like to here from your experiences, or want to know the latest OpenOLAT related links you have to share.!/@openolat