OpenOLAT needs your help!

OpenOLAT is free and Open Source. But it is mandatory to understand that software development costs real money and takes real time to implement. To bring OpenOLAT forward we need your support for our soul - and your money to pay our rent. 

If you like OpenOLAT you can support us by making a donation. Your money will help us to continue the OpenOLAT software development. Please use the following link: 

Project funding

We are currently seeking for project funding partners for the following projects:  

ProjectRequired fundingSecured fundingStatusLast UpdateMore info
Coaching Tool15'000 CHF70%Implementation finished, released as OSS when funding complete15. July 2012Coaching_Tool_openOLAT.pdf

We encourage you to help funding projects. If you have budgets but no particular project in mind you can help funding the base development and bugfixing by donating money to the overall development. Let us know if you need a formal quote and an invoice if a simple donation does not suit your needs. 

We are opened for new projects as well. Please let us know what is in your mind! More information: contact(at)

Besides giving you access to the OpenOLAT source code we invite you to participate in the greater development process and to contribute the value you can share, whatever that might be. Building a product like OpenOLAT does involve not only programming skills but a whole lot more. Here are some ways how you can contribute:


First and foremost you can help OpenOLAT by spreading the word. Tell your success stories, blog about OpenOLAT, follow OpenOLAT and retweetuse OpenOLAT on ohlohlike OpenOLAT on facebook, make public why you decided to use OpenOLAT. Blog, twitter, facebook, videocasts, disussion forums - we need more publicity everywhere. 

Let others know there is an alternative, and boy, a good one! Most people just use what the others do use. It's your voice that can make the difference. 


You know things others do not know, you have experiences others do not have. Share your knowledge by helping out users who seeks for help regarding OpenOLAT. A good place to start is by being active on the OpenOLAT mailing list and the community server. If you know the answer to a question we invite you to answer on the list. Fast response is always appreciated!


The administration wiki on our community server is opened to everyone and we are looking for active maintainers of this and other documentation. If you have good writing skills and have experiences in OpenOLAT you want to share, please publish your documents in the OpenOLAT community library or help extending the admin wiki. Documentation is always wanted!

Report bugs

Found a bug? Let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. Best way to help is to isolate the bug as much as possible and report a way how a bug can be reproduced. The more background info we get and the more work you did to describe the problem in detail the better is the chance we can fix it soon. Use annotated screen shots (e.g. using Skitch) and add the full stracktrace from your log if possible. 

If you found a bug you can report it on the mailing list or add it directly to out bug tracking tool.


We frequently release new versions of OpenOLAT, sometimes explicitly labeled as beta software. We encourage you to download those releases early and test them in your setup in detail. Report issues you find and comment new features. 

We are also looking for active testers to participate in the release process. This means you will be responsible for testing issues that are assigned to you for testing. Let us know if you want to participate in this testing process. 


If you are a developer, found a bug or have some really great code to share, send us the patch. You can do this by posting on the mailing list or by creating a new jira issue and attaching the code patch to the issue. Please make sure the patch compiles against the lates code and can be applied to our mercurial default branch. Make also sure you explain in detail what the code does. 

For new features we would like to discuss the implementation before it is actually implemented, so discuss your ideas early on the mailing list. 


OpenOLAT is available in many languages, though not all languages are translated entirely. Help us changing that by becoming an active translator. Currently the following languages have active translators:

  • Brazilian Portuges (Rodolfo Alfredo Martin, Jonas Silickas)
  • Čeština (Pavel Sruma)
  • English (frentix GmbH)
  • Estonian (Andres Mellik)
  • French (frentix GmbH, but we are looking for a community translator!)
  • German (frentix GmbH)
  • Italian (Lorenzo Maurizi)
  • Polnish (Daniel Majchrzak, Tymon Jastrzębski)
  • Russian (Denis Chebotarev)
  • Spanish (Jorge Menéndez)

Other languages are partly translated, when we forked from OLAT we took over all languages that were available at that time. If you want to help translating, register on our translation server, set your language and then send us an email so we can give you the appropriate rights.