OpenOLAT documentation center

Below you find a list of user manuals, installation manuals, technical documentation, articles and more. 


OpenOLAT install docu

The OpenOLAT install docu describes the steps that lead to a working OpenOLAT with default configuration.

OpenOLATadmin wiki

The OpenOLAT admin wiki contains all kind of documentation for installing, upgrading and operating OpenOLAT. This documentation is community driven and will grow over time. 

If you have something to contribute to the admin wiki you can do this on the community server.

OpenOLAT 9 User Manual

The OpenOLAT user manual explains core concepts of OLAT in plain english. In this manual you will learn how to build a course, which course elements are available or how to create a learning group. 

Within the application itself you can use the context sensitive help to get help and more information about a specific screen or form. 

Note that this documentation was originally written by University of Zurich for the OLAT project and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

 License | EN: OpenOLAT_9.3_User_Manual.pdf (2MB) | DE: OpenOLAT_9.3_User_Manual.pdf (2MB)