Community support

The OpenOLAT community maintains a mailing list and a community OpenOLAT server to discuss questions, the help out each other and to exchange templates and code. 

Go to to community section to learn more about how to access those community tools.  


Service providers and development partners

Professional support for and services for OpenOLAT is offered by the OpenOLAT service providers and development partners:


frentix GmbH: services right from the makers of OpenOLAT

frentix has a long tradition in supporting and developing the OpenOLAT LMS. Florian Gnägi, the founder of the company frentix GmbH, was one of the initiator and original developers of the OLAT LMS at University of Zurich. frentix GmbH was founded in the year 2006 and is located in Zurich, Switzerland.   

frentix GmbH

The OpenOLAT initiative was started in 2011 by frentix because the future of OLAT was uncertain and did not serve as a sustainable base system anymore. Since then frentix contributed most commercial extensions previously branded under the name OLATpro to OpenOLAT and put a lot of effort into maintaining and pushing OpenOLAT forward. 

frentix offers various services for OpenOLAT using the label "OpenOLAT by frentix":

  • SaaS hosting and operating of OpenOLAT
  • Extended functionality with frentix plugins
  • Mobile client for OpenOLAT
  • Simple predefined packages or custom solutions
  • Training, coaching and consulting
  • 2nd and 3rd level support
  • OpenOLAT software development


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